Kheer Bhawani Mela

June 13, 20197 days 00
  • Every year on Zyeshta Ashtami the Kashmiri Pandits visit 5 temples in Jammu and Kashmir to pay their obeisance to Goddess Ragnya Devi.
  • Kheer Bhawani temple in Tulmul village, near Srinagar is the most important temple for the 60,000 displaced Kashmiri Pandits who live all over India.
  • Mela Kheer Bhawani is an important annual festival for the pandits.
  • The devotees of the Goddess Mata Kheer Bhawani fast and gather here on the eighth day of the full moon in the month of May or June (Zyeshta Ashtami day).
  • The term kheer refers to rice pudding that is offered in the spring located in the temple to please the Goddess.

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