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Click on the appropriate links to practice Current Affairs quiz

January, 2018

January Quiz – Part 1Click Here
January Quiz – Part 2Click Here

February, 2018

February Quiz – Part 1Click Here
February Quiz – Part 2Click Here
March , 2018
March Quiz – Part 1Click Here
March Quiz – Part 2Click Here
March Quiz – Part 3Click Here
March Quiz – Part 4Click Here
April , 2018
April Quiz – Part 1Click Here
April Quiz – Part 2Click Here
April Quiz – Part 3Click Here
April Quiz – Part 4Click Here
May, 2018
May Quiz – Part 1Click Here
May Quiz – Part 2Click Here
May Quiz – Part 3Click Here
May Quiz – Part 4Click Here
June, 2018
June Quiz – Part 1Click Here
June Quiz – Part 2Click Here
June Quiz – Part 3Click Here
June Quiz – Part 4Click Here
July, 2018
July Quiz – Part 1Click Here
July Quiz – Part 2Click Here
July Quiz – Part 3Click Here
July Quiz – Part 4Click Here
August, 2018
August Quiz – Part 1Click Here
August Quiz – Part 2Click Here
August Quiz – Part 3Click Here
August Quiz – Part 4Click Here
September, 2018
September Quiz – Part 1Click Here
September Quiz – Part 2
Click Here
September Quiz – Part 3
Click Here
September Quiz – Part 4Click Here


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  • Selvam Perumal

    October 7, 2018 at 6:18 am

    Shankar is leading in all the aspects in TNPSC exam preperations. Thnaks for the Current affairs quiz and magazine. I wonder if you could do the same for static General science based on TN Text books.


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