TNPSC Thervupettagam

390-year-old Deepasthambham

February 13 , 2024 98 days 322 0
  • A 390-year-old towering lamppost with an inscription dedicated to Kasi Viswanatha was found in in Nalgonda district of Telangana.
  • The inscription, on a 20-foot-tall lamppost with hollows for lamps, is a mix of Telugu and Tamil languages dated to 1635 C.E.
  • The inscription begins with obeisance to the god Kasi Viswanatha and records the erection of a pillar for the god Kasi Visvanatha by Polinedu, son of Vali Munulayya.
  • This lamp post (20ft long pillar) might have been the geographical indicator for traders and ships passing through this town.

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