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Decline in Global Lake Water Storage

May 24 , 2023 125 days 158 0
  • The study is aimed at finding statistically significant storage declines for 53 per cent of these water bodies over the period 1992–2020.
  • More than half of the world's largest lakes and reservoirs are drying up.
  • Climate change and human activities are endangering lakes, which hold 87 per cent of the world's liquid surface fresh water.
  • The findings suggest that 53 per cent of lakes and reservoirs saw a decline in water storage, at a rate of approximately 22 gigatonnes a year.
  • During the entire study period, 603 cubic kilometres of water were lost.
  • It is 17 times the amount of water in Lake Mead.
  • Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States.

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