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Europe’s Largest Deposit of Rare Earths

January 24 , 2023 138 days 184 0
  • Swedish government reported the largest deposit of rare earth metals ever discovered in Europe, more than a million tonnes of rare earth oxides.
  • There is currently zero rare earth mining in Europe.
  • China has produces some 61% of the world's rare earth supply.
  • The world's largest known rare earths deposit is the Bayan Obo deposit in Inner Mongolia, northern China.
  • It has been in production since 1957 and contains some 40 million tonnes of reserves.
  • There are 17 rare earth elements, prized for their outstanding magnetic and conductive qualities.
  • The most important at the moment is neodymium, which is alloyed with boron and iron to form the world's strongest permanent magnets.
  • They can be found in mobiles, hard drives, and trains.

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