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Global Report on Sodium Intake Reduction

March 24 , 2023 393 days 387 0
  • World Health Organization released a report named Global Report on Sodium Intake Reduction.
  • The report says the estimated global average salt intake is 10.8 grams per day.
  • It is more than double the WHO recommendation of less than 5 grams per day in adults.
  • The report allocated a sodium country score from 1 (the lowest level) to 4 (the highest level) to each member state.
  • This score is based on the level of implementation of sodium reduction policies and other measures.
  • The sodium country score is used to estimate the impact of policy progress on population dietary sodium intake and cardiovascular disease.
  • Although all 194 WHO member countries committed to the target set in 2013, only 5% have implemented comprehensive sodium-reduction policies,
  • Of the 194 WHO member states, 56 remain in score 1 in the sodium country score card.
  • Ninety-eight implemented either voluntary, or mandatory policies and other measures, and scored higher.
  • Such policies could save an estimated 7 million lives globally by 2030.

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