TNPSC Thervupettagam

Helmand River Dispute

June 7 , 2023 111 days 301 0
  • Afghanistan and Iran have a dispute over the Helmand River.
  • It is a critical source of drinking water, irrigation and fishing for both countries.
  • While the two countries signed a treaty on sharing water resources in 1973.
  • But it was never ratified, leaving the Helmand’s waters a topic of dispute.
  • Treaty of 1973 stipulates that Afghanistan must deliver water to Iran at a rate of 22 cubic metres per second per annum with an additional four cubic metres per second.
  • The Helmand River originates in the Afghan Hindu Kush Mountain range and flows across Afghanistan.
  • It splits into the Shele Charak River that forms the border between the two countries, and the Sistan River which flows westward into Iran.

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