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Nerium oleander – Kerala

May 15 , 2024 3 days 85 0
  • After the death of a 24-year-old woman, two Kerala government-controlled temple boards, which together manage 2,500-odd temples in the state, have banned use of oleander (arali) flowers.
  • Nerium oleander, commonly known as oleander or rosebay, is a plant cultivated worldwide in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions.
  • It is known for its drought tolerance; the shrub is often used for ornamental and landscaping purposes.
  • There are different varieties of oleander, each with a flower of a different colour.
  • An oil prepared from the root bark can be used to treat skin diseases.
  • Even though it is prescribed in some ayurvedic formulations, oleander’s toxicity has also long been recognised across the world.
  • Moreover, ingestion or inhalation of smoke from burning oleander can also be intoxicating.

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