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New guidelines on use of catheter

May 18 , 2024 32 days 97 0
  • WHO has published the first global guidelines to prevent bloodstream and other infections caused by use of catheter placed in minor blood vessels during medical procedures.
  • Poor practices in the insertion, maintenance, and removal of these catheters carry a high risk of introducing germs directly to the bloodstream.
  • It may lead to serious conditions such as sepsis, and difficult-to-treat complications in major organs like the brain and kidneys.
  • Soft tissue infections at the insertion site of the catheter can also occur.
  • WHO estimated that between 2000–2018, average mortality among patients affected by health care-associated sepsis was 24.4%.
  • It was increasing to 52.3% among patients treated in intensive care units.
  • The new guidelines include 14 good practice statements and 23 recommendations on key areas for health workers.

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