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Soligas and Yeravas tribals diet

January 25 , 2024 150 days 374 0
  • Indigenous groups Soligas and Yeravas have been living in the Cauvery Basin and the surrounding hills of peninsular India for thousands of years.
  • Soligas, one of the oldest indigenous communities in the country, are the original inhabitants of Karnataka and live mostly in the Chamarajanagar and Mandya districts.
  • The Yeravas, on the other hand, came to the state from Wayanad district in Kerala and settled in Kodagu district of the state.
  • A recent book has looked into the diets of these communities.
  • It is giving fresh insights into the foods that these two tribes forage from the forests.
  • The foods that these two tribes forage from the forests.
  • Such foods form around 25 per cent of the Soligas diet and around 30 percent of the Yerava diet.
  • Honey is an important part of the diet for the Soliga people, who still forage large parts of their food from the biodiversity-rich Ghats.
  • There are some 10-12 wild food plants that are unique to each community as they live in different landscapes.
  • Mushrooms become part of the Yerava diet during monsoons, when they emerge overnight from barren land.

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