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The Economics of The Food System Transformation Report

February 11 , 2024 125 days 253 0
  • The Food System Economics Commission has published a report titled - The Economics of the Food System Transformation.
  • A sustainable transformation of existing food systems is urgently required at an estimated total cost of $500 billion per year.
  • This cost is equivalent to only 0.2–0.4 per cent of global GDP and is small relative to the multi-trillion dollar benefits it could bring.
  • The annual environmental cost of the current food systems was $3 trillion, and the additional costs to health was at least $11 trillion.
  • The Current trends showed that by 2050, the food insecurity will still leave 640 million people (including 121 million children) underweight in some parts of the world, while obesity will increase by 70 per cent globally.
  • The food system transformation can reduce diet-related mortality from 12 million deaths per year attributable to poor diets in 2020 to 7.7 million in 2050 by decreasing rates of diet-related diseases.

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