Impact of increase in salinity on Gangetic Dolphins

January 10, 201912 days 880
  • A five-year study by researchers
    • Sangita Mitra (National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai) and
    • Mahua Roy Chowdhury, (a marine biologist Calcutta)

has been published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.

  • The research has found that raising water salinity level is threatening the habitat of Gangetic river dolphins.
  • Gangetic Dolphins are the only surviving freshwater dolphin in India.
  • Gangetic Dolphins are found in the river systems of Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna and Karnaphuli- Sangu in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.
  • The IUCN status of the Gangetic Dolphin is Endangered. Gangetic Dolphin is the National Aquatic Animal of India.

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