Makkal Number

July 13, 20193 days 00
  • Tamilnadu government plans to provide statutory services to people as a predictive service without citizens having to apply for it.
  • Statutory services include providing government services like certificates, documents, licences, etc. to people through Arasu e-sevai centres after a request is made by people.
New Scenario
  • The Tamilnadu e-governance agency plans to generate a unique id number for all 7-crore people of the state called “Makkal Number”.
  • The Aadhaar data will be anonymised and a fool-proof id like Makkal Number will be used.
  • These data will electronically reach the ‘Citizen Vault’, to be created for each resident of Tamil Nadu.
  • Residents can view their certificates and documents in their vault, using their mobile number as the user ID and an OTP as the password.
  • Blockchain technology will prompt the software of each department or agency to issue certificates as and when citizens become eligible for them.
  • “Right from the Birth Certificate to the Death Certificate and numerous certificates/documents issued in-between by various government departments and agencies will be automatically stored in the ‘Citizen vault’.
  • The “Makkal number” scheme and the subsequent verification of an individual’s data stored in the Citizen vault will be done only with the consent of the concerned person.

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