TNPSC Thervupettagam

Armored sailfin catfish

May 19 , 2024 31 days 141 0
  • CCMB scientists have developed a technique to detect invasive fish that threaten ecosystems and lead to loss in fish catch.
  • They have developed an eDNA-based quantitative PCR assay to map the presence and spread of the invasive armored sailfin catfish in the water bodies of Eastern Ghats.
  • This is a fish, originating from South America that was once introduced for its unique appearance and its ability to clean algal growth in tanks and aquaria.
  • But now it has spread to 60% of water bodies of the Eastern Ghats, specifically in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.
  • It is also damaging fishing nets and the overall ecosystem.
  • The catfish was first reported in the fresh waters of Puerto Rico in Venezuela.
  • The exotic fish has gained notoriety in India as the ‘Devil fish’.
  • Its spread in the water bodies of the three states is posing a threat to over 150 species of freshwater fishes.

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