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Iran-Israel Conflict 2024

April 19 , 2024 65 days 239 0
  • Iran’s massive aerial attack marks the first direct strike by Iran on Israeli territory from Iranian soil.
  • Iran called the attack Operation True Promise.
  • Iran’s attack involved more than 120 ballistic missiles, 170 drones and more than 30 cruise missiles.
  • Israel’s military said that “99%” of the more than 300 projectiles were intercepted.
  • Israel's Iron Dome is a crucial component of its defense system, designed to protect the country from short-range rockets and artillery shells.
  • A naval version of the Iron Dome to protect ships and sea-based assets was deployed in 2017.
  • The Iron Dome system works by detecting incoming rockets using radar, which then calculates their trajectory and speed.
  • Other defence systems of Israel:
    • Like the Dome, David’s Sling medium-range interception system was developed by Israeli firm Rafael and made operational in 2017.
    • Arrow 2 was operationalised in 2000 and aims to destroy long-range ballistic missiles.
    • The Arrow 3 defence system targets long-range ballistic missiles while they are still flying through space.
  • Iran was one of the first countries in the region to recognise Israel after its formation in 1948.
  • A religious state was established in Iran after the Shah was overthrown in the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
  • The regime’s view of Israel changed, and it was seen as an occupier of Palestinian land.
  • It was only after 1979 that their diplomatic ties ended.

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