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Laser beam to guide lightning

January 25 , 2023 7 days 78 0
  • Scientists have used a laser beam to guide lightning for the first time.
  • The technique will help protect against deadly bolts-and one day maybe even trigger them.
  • Lightning strikes between 40-120 times a second worldwide.
  • It is killing more than 4,000 people and causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year.
  • Lightning is a discharge of static electricity that has built up in storm clouds, or between clouds and the ground.
  • The laser beam creates plasma, in which charged ions and electrons heat the air.
  • The air becomes "partially conductive, and therefore a path preferred by the lightning,"
  • This means that, in theory, this technique could be used not just to drive lightning away, but also to help steer the strike.

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