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New Portable Atomic Clock

June 15 , 2024 34 days 178 0
  • Researchers introduced a kind of portable optical atomic clock that can be used onboard ships.
  • These devices traded some accuracy for size and robustness.
  • They were still more accurate than other vessel-borne timekeeping options.
  • Atomic clocks work by keeping time using atoms.
  • Cs-133 is a highly stable atom and is found naturally, which is why it is so commonly used in atomic clocks.
  • India also uses a Cs-133 atomic clock to define the second for timekeeping within its borders.
  • A caesium atomic clock loses or gains a second every 1.4 million years.
  • Atomic clocks are prized for their accuracy, losing or gaining just one second over 300 million years.
  • Optical atomic clocks only loss or gain a second over 300 billion years.

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