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Semi-Cryogenic Engine

May 15 , 2024 3 days 107 0
  • ISRO conducted the first ignition trial for SCE-200 (semi-cryogenic engine-200) at the semi-cryo integrated engine test facility (SIET) in Mahendragiri.
  • Semi-cryogenic engine ignition is achieved using a start fuel ampule which uses a combination of Triethylaluminium and Triethyleboron.
  • This is used for the first time in ISRO in the 2000 kN semi-cryogenic engine.
  • The SCE-200 is a 2MN thrust class liquid rocket engine developed by ISRO’s Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC).
  • This next generation rocket engine is designed to enhance the payload capability of ISRO’s Launch Vehicle Mark-III launcher and other future launch vehicles.

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