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Women MPs in 18th Lok Sabha

June 9 , 2024 14 days 175 0
  • Trinamool Congress boasts of the highest percentage of female MPs among its winning candidates.
  • A total of 38% of Trinamool MPs this year are women, the highest among any political outfit in the country.
  • The 18th Lok Sabha is set to witness a total of 74 female members, a dip from the 77 MPs elected in the last term.
  • The 18th Lok Sabha will have over 13.44% women MPs, one of the highest proportions since 1952.
  • The 17th Lok Sabha had the most women MPs at 78, which was over 14% of the total.
  • The 16th Lok Sabha had 64 women members, while the 15th one had 52.
  • According to reports, women constituted 48.41 % of India’s population in 2022.

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