July 13, 20193 days 00
  • Iran made a failed attempt to capture a British Oil Tanker near Abu Musa islands, in the Strait of Hormuz.
    • Abu Musa island is claimed by both Iran and UAE but presently occupied by Iran.
  • A documentary film club called “KSHITIJ” is being launched at Mumbai by Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in association with Indian Documentary Producers Association (IDPA).
    • The acclaimed documentary film “Secret Life of Frogs” by Ajay & Vijay Bedi will be screened as the inaugural film.
  • It has been declared in the 10th World Tamil Conference in Chicago of USA that the 11th World Tamil Conference will be held at Annamalai University, Chidambaram.
  • The Dr. M. Balamurali krishna National Award for Artistic Excellence, Murali Nada Lahari, was conferred upon playback singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam.
    • The award was presented as part of the Balamurali Nada Mahotsav 2019 held by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and M. Balamuralikrishna Memorial Trust on the Carnatic singer’s birthday.
  • South Korean automaker Hyundai has launched India’s first fully electric SUV “Kona Electric” in India. The vehicle promises a driving range of 452 km/charge.
    • ‘Kona’ Electric is named after the idyllic west-coast region of the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Robots were used as umpires for the first time in the American Professional baseball games by a team called ‘Atlantic League’.
  • The World Bank Group has announced that Anshula Kant, an Indian national, has been appointed as its next MD and CFO. Ms. Kant will be the first woman CFO of the Bank.
    • She was formerly employed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the State Bank of India.
  • Japan’s Hayabusa2 space probe made a “perfect” touchdown on a distant asteroid, collecting samples from beneath the surface in an unprecedented mission that could shed light on the origins of the solar system.
    • This is the first time the sub-surface material from a celestial body further away than the moon is collected.
  • The United States government has levied a fine of $ 5 billion on Facebook on allegations that it clandestinely shared information belonging to 87 million users with the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

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